Casa rural El Nogal de Laguna

The Wallnut Tree

This is the story of a tree wich become a Home.

When I was five my father made me a wear present, a bunch of nuts. This present let an impression in my life that I wouldn´t know by then.

I asked my father what to do with them, he explained to me that we should plant them and it would grow little threes wich would give us more nuts. Just one of them achieve a little wallnut tree.
Taking care of the tree was my commitment from then to now.

We moved out to Laguna de Cameros after time and my grandfather Goyo proposed me to transplant the wallnut tree. We did so and we went on taking care of it and expecting to see nuts impatiently.

A lot of springs, summers, autums and winters happen and the tree was growing at mather nature´s tempo. It didn´t bear nuts when we espected but when it was the moment.

A few years ago my wife and I dreamt about being closer to our wallnut tree, and sharing with other people the privilege of simple life and simple things. My grandfather and my father got very enthusiastic supporters and did everything to help us.

We built the place with a lot of work and the help of our family and a lot of friends At last, our first idea had become a real space to share, a place where you can eat slowly, sleep deeply and smail with the spectacle of the mountains. We built the grill restaurant, using the tradicional materials of the region; wood and stone.
Here you have a little place where you can take pleasure in the Rioja cuisine; traditional casseroles, meat and fish barbecues and of course a selection of Rioja wine. A place we hope you can feel as your own home.

My grandfather Goyo and my father José couldn’t see the cottage finished that´s why we think the best name for this piece of nature is the Wallnut Tree.