Casa rural El Nogal de Laguna


You will discover a magical town In Laguna de Cameros, wich keeps the charm of the mountain towns, where is possible to get in touch with nature, rest and enjoy simple life.

Very well conservated stone streets, front houses dressed with flowers, the sound of the cattle and less than hundred and fifty people shape the landscape of this hamlet in the Camero Viejo and located in the spectacular river Leza canyon, where you can see the Griffon Vulture.

Our valley, that we invite you to descover, was declared as a Biosphera Reserve by UNESCO.

You can also discover the dinosaury route, look for mushrooms at the forest, or wacht the spectacle of the Berrea- stang roaring whe are on heat- and of course the Rioja Vineyards route.

This region of Spain was the first in been declared a Starlight Turistic Destination thanks to the cleaness and shinyness of night sky you will dellight with a deep stars ocean… that will give you doubts about going to bed.

If you would like to visit the region or simple hang around, resting in calm, Laguna de Cameros is a place for you, and our cottage El Nogal, your home.